Web Design & Ecommerce.

Websites are the digital shop window of your business. If you run an online store or want a presence to benefit your offline trading, having a sophisticated and updated website is an opportunity to capitalise on. Magnitu offers expertise in SEO, Google Ads as well as management of online trading through tools such as WooCommerce & Shopify.

Social Media Management.

Every successful business requires an online media presence in 2021. Social Media is an asset to any business model when used effectively. Optimizing and managing these platforms is one of the areas of expertise offered by Magnitu. Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Output of content & Audience creation are core to our social media services.

Magnitu Expertise.

Magnitu is a digital marketing agency based in County Galway, Ireland. Our offering of services is based on an expertise in Website Design, E-commerce SEO, Content Creation, & Social Media Management. Magnitu offers its clients academic and practical experience of the highest level in fields relating to Digital Marketing.


Some of the clients we work with:

The World we live in:

By Brian | April 5, 2020 |

Current circumstances are taking effect on the way people live, and the commercial world has had to adapt in order to remain operational. Our reliance on digital platforms and technology has increased dramatically – more so than we could ever have imagined. What was already an important aspect of modern life has now become fundamental.…

Interesting Ad stats:

By Brian | March 5, 2020 |

According to marketing group Core, Google and Facebook collected an estimated 40% of the total advertising spend in the Republic of Ireland last year – and a huge 81% of the online advertising market. With yearly increases of invested capital in online advertising, the importance of building a strong business brand across digital platforms is…

Quick thought on AR:

By Brian | March 2, 2020 |

Imagine being able to see your new TV on the wall in your sitting room before you’ve even been to the store. Or trying on a new pair of Ray Bans you’ve been thinking of buying through the lens on your phone. This is what is now being made possible through Augmented Reality technology, which…